Het Waterschapshuis (hWh) is a joint subsidiary company of the Dutch Water Authorities, that provides with management, administration and administrative organization services in the field of digital information for the Dutch Water Authorities: it is responsible for the procurement and contract management of (joint) information services and data and represents the general needs and interest of the complete water sector in the Netherlands.

hWh is looking for a long term strategic partnership for cloud technology and its related products and services as the trends suggest that many applications and solutions needed to better manage water, water treatment and water systems will be stored and used in a cloud environment. hWh intends to initiate innovation procurement projects together with this strategic partner related to new applications in AI, machine learning, Big Data, Data lake and Data virtualization/integration, etc. in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its public tasks. hWh also foresees the transition of its current on premise database technologies, workplace technologies and process automation related technologies to a cloud platform.

In order to acquire more information hWh is starting an Open Market Consultation. The goal of the questions in this Open Market Consultation is to gather the necessary information to prepare an upcoming procedure to select the best partner to work with for the coming 5 to 15 years. The provisional timetable for the OMC is as follows. hWh reserves the right to modify/update the following dates:

22nd January 2021

Publication of pre-announcement and making available market consultation documents & list of questions (through the EU Survey).

2nd February 2021

Final date to register for the meeting in WebinarGeek.

4th February 2021 (15:00 to 16:00 CET)

WEBINAR in WebinarGeek.

12th February 2021

Deadline to receive answers to the questions in the EU Survey.

5th March 2021

Publication of market consultation report.

5th March 2021

Closure of market consultation.

For more information about the OMC please contact: Ana Lucia Jaramillo at a.jaramillo@corvers.com

What are the benefits for the strategic partner?

  1. Possibility to align and team up with water authorities from the Netherlands to speed up the time to market of innovative solutions developed in co-creation with the Contracting Entities.
  2. Broaden the market share and have a national sector as reference.
  3. Reference site for (other innovation) procurement projects from water authorities or similar organizations in Europe and other regions.
  4. Act as reference when it comes to sustainability and the objectives of the European Green Deal.
  5. Act – together with HWH – as a forerunner in Innovation Procurement projects related to AI, ML and Big Data.