The Waterschapshuis office building


The Waterschapshuis is the directive, management and executive organisation in the area of the digital provision of information to the district water boards. Together, we focus on a sustainable common provision of information.

Promoting collaboration

The objective of the Waterschapshuis is the promotion and facilitation of collaboration in the area of the provision of information between the district water boards and other government bodies. We provide support in the areas of:
•    the improvement of the quality of operational management;
•    saving/limiting costs;
•    making the provision of information more efficient;
•    increasing innovative power;
•    reinforcing the image of district water boards as a professional and modern government;
•    expanded collaboration among district water boards and other government bodies.

Client and contractor

The district water boards give their assignments to Het Waterschapshuis. We start work upon approval by the General Board and the conclusion of collaboration contracts. We supervise the entire procedure: from the invitation to tender via implementation to management and maintenance. Het Waterschapshuis fulfils the role of director of the collaboration: on the demand side in the formulation of the demand and in prioritising, and we act as manager and building supervisor in the answer side. Het Waterschapshuis cannot and will not do this on its own. The district water boards play an important role in this; after all, collaboration takes place jointly!